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Snarky Bands

Snarky Bands

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The sarcastic jewelry we all need.

When you're too tired to be snarky and can't say what you want because people will just get mad, take a quick peek at your Snarky Band and everyone will know exactly what's up.

Definitely not your average bracelet, these one-of-a-kind bands are the perfect accessory with or without attitude. Crafted with care and placed securely onto a quality strap. Added bonuses: always on hand with a dose of sass!

These trendy bracelets come with sayings that'll tickle anyones' funny bone or just enough snazza for those who like their sense of humor a little more snarl than squirm. There's something for everyone; boy-next-door kindness, girl next door sass, social media know it all attitude, and more! Whether you're happy as can be or already over it (in whatever capacity), we've got the perfect bracelet to make your wrist point exactly where you want to go (or ruckus).

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