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No More 22 A Day Old School Metal Bracelet

No More 22 A Day Old School Metal Bracelet

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Coming Home Doesn't Mean We Left The War Behind. 

With so many veterans committing suicide every day, the time to reach out and help our brothers and sisters has never been more important. Purchase this bracelet today in honor of all served soldiers who choose to take their own life after serving their country faithfully for a long period of time. No one deserves the pain that comes with PTSD alone--together we can save lives! Thank you for your loyal support during these difficult days; it means everything to me and those who have sacrificed themselves fighting against evil forces around the globe!

How many more of our brothers and sisters struggle quietly with the war within?

The air is filled with uncertainty as we stride from place to place uncertain in knowing what challenges may lie ahead. The walls are closing all around us, making it so much harder for us to breathe. The only thing that can save lives is being able to talk about mental health without shame or embarrassment—and that starts with you fully understanding what PTSD symptoms look like in ourselves and others who have experienced trauma. 

Help Us Raise Awareness

Wear this metal bracelet and be willing to talk about mental health with your brothers and sisters in arms. Be willing to talk about it to the civilian world, too. Many of them have no idea how many veterans struggle with this quiet internal war. Simply wearing this bracelet is a great conversation starter in your everyday life.

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