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Hand Painted Tiered Tray Military Heroes Decor

Hand Painted Tiered Tray Military Heroes Decor

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Unique Hand-Painted Military Tiered Tray Decor 

The hand-painted Tiered Tray Decor comes as a set.

This hand-painted DIY kit includes:

  • Service member (choices: Army, Navy, AF, USMC, Coast Guard) (x1)
  • Dog Tags (Rank & Name needed) (x2)
  • Circle with USA & Map outline (x1)
  • Hero placard lettered with stars (x1)
  • Hero placard flat (x1)
  • Set of Boots (x1)
  • Stands (x2)
  • 3 tiered tray (assembly required - hardware varies)

Extra pieces available to customize for your family:

  • Dog Tags
  • Additional Service Members

Photo shown is a painted and finished kit. This kit is for a completely raw kit that you will paint yourself. To have us paint the kit for you, please order through the page at this link.

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