Celebrating Thanksgiving with The Barns and a tradition as old as time


This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the fact that you're with us.

This might sound a little clichéd but it's true nonetheless-we truly mean this and appreciate your business more than words can express! It is so rare nowadays in today’s world of technology overload where families get together at one table to celebrate what makes life worth living: shared experiences - bonding time spent face-to-face with people who matter most--and each other's company. So thank goodness there are still those few precious moments left over from our busy lives where all these things come together on THANKSGIVING DAY...to make memories & create traditions which will last forever.

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Now, don’t get me wrong – my husband and my families were no walk in the park. Like most families, someone was always on the ‘outs’ with someone else. There was always a couple (at least a couple) who were ‘tense’ with each other. Some who had some sort of rift going on. But the one thing we all had in common was common respect. 

Common respect for our elders (oh, and believe you me that did not mean that we agreed with everything they did or said!). But we still respected the position of them being our elder.

But it was a time of being thankful, and showing thankfulness. A time of showing honor and gratefulness of what our elders had come through, and what they had sacrificed to get us to where we were.

We didn’t agree with a lot of ‘how’ they did things, but we respected the ‘why’ of how they did things. And we gave them honor. We learned how to respect difference of opinions and different lifestyles, we learned to give Grace to others who were different and who thought different.

There have always been ‘extras’ at our table. Those who had nowhere, or no one to be with on that day. They were always invited and always welcome.

So much of that seems to be changing.

Our table will be smaller this year, but no less grateful. It will still honor the brothers of our parents who all made it home from WWII, with a ‘shot’ for all who haven't made it home.

Our table will be a bit smaller this year, but no less honored for all of those who cannot be at the table through their continued service to keep us free. A glass will be raised and a prayer said for their service and their sacrifice for all of us.

And lastly our table will be a bit smaller this year, but no less loved by those who have chosen to go in different directions and not keep family traditions. We will also raise a glass and prayer for them, that they will learn grace, forgiveness, and will have happy and productive lives.

We pray that your Thanksgiving will be full of love, honor, respect - dotted with tons of laughter, (maybe a few tears) hugs, and kisses.

No matter what, take a few minutes to stop and realize how truly blessed by our creator we all really are.

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