Eternal lights show where the Twin Towers once stood before terrorists took them down on 9/11/2001


There seems to be unrest everywhere.

I know that many of you are paying close attention to what’s going on with Russia, the Ukraine, Hong Kong and Taiwan just to name a few hot spots. 

It hits especially close to home when you have a loved one serving.

As hard as it may be to hear – this is what your trainee signed up for. And because of their decision…so did you. You may not like it, but it’s now a job that you did not choose.

When your loved one decided to serve, defend and protect their country by connection whether you wanted to or not, you got signed up to serve also.

During these scary times, it’s their job to concentrate on becoming the best, the most well trained, and focused soldier that they can. Your part? Your part is to support them, listen to them, build them up, pray for them. Please do not discuss with your soldier how scared you might be, how much you worry, or be angry that they made this decision. They do not need to be worried about you. They need to know that you are supporting them that you “Have their Six!”

This is one of  the hard parts of being a military family. To be honest it’s one of the scariest. It’s the unknown, the “what ifs”, the lack of information that can make our minds run wild.

The fact is that your trainee is just that a trainee. They are not going to be removed from BCT and sent overseas. They need to finish training.

We were in this very place when the attack of 9/11 happened. Our son was in BCT.

Hopefully my recounting of journal entries  of 9/11 will help you – knowing what we went through.

Stay strong, stay supportive.


Dear Diary,

I’m scared. My mind is reeling, my heart is breaking.

This great country is under attack. Terrorists have hijacked domestic airlines and used them to fly into the world trade center tower, they’ve crashed into the Pentagon, and it looks like another was on it’s way to Washington DC but was taken back by passengers (they also have crashed into a field in PA and are all feared dead). There are so many questions, and no answers yet. I’m sure our government is trying to figure out how and why this has happened.

I was watching the news this morning (which is from NYC) when it happened. I watched it happen. I watched the second one happen. I saw the desperate people jumping. I saw the towers come down.

We had just been there visiting 2 weeks ago. Kevin made sure I got to the front of the Staten Island Ferry and got a skyline photo. I got a photo of the skyline with the towers. Now they are gone.

Thousands have been killed.

Thousands are trying to get out of NYC.

We can’t reach Kevin (our son) or Linda (his wife) – They work in NYC

Will there be more attacks? We live near a nuclear reactor. My grands just a few miles away.

Where will the next attack be? Will it be a mall? Will it be a bridge at rush hour?

Mike is in BCT, and all communication from the bases has been shut down.

I’m sure that they are preparing them…I can’t believe that our country will let this go.

We will give blood tomorrow.

I try to remember as soon as the fear takes over to pray instead.

I know Mike knew this was a possibility when he signed up.

We knew it was a possibility when we signed up in the 70’s.

I’m still scared.


Me again,

I’ve never seen so many people giving blood. I was there an hour before they opened, and there were over 20 ahead of me.

When I left, they were lined up down the whole plaza.

There are flags everywhere! I’ve never seen people so kind, so united, so helpful and caring.

We spent last night at church. So many people there that we haven’t seen in years.

All together. All praying for our country, for our soldiers, for guidance.

Today Mike called. There will not be further communication until there is communication.

They prepared their wills today. 22 years old and preparing a will …….. it makes my heart hurt.

But I know he is being prepared and will be ready.

Lord, thank you for our heroes, bless their families during this scary time.

Protect my son Lord, protect my heart – let me be strong for my sons sake, let me stay strong.

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Tami, I can feel the fear as I read this! This is somewhat how I have been feeling all day! I keep quoting a Bible verse that I taught to my first graders for years, “when I am afraid, I will trust in Thee”. This is so much easier said than done! We have to pray one for another!!

Sherry Stott

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